When you think of window tinting, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It is probably not protection, but in reality it is one of the core solutions window tinting offers. We’re a Perth window tinting provider, offering a wide range of services for your car, home and work place.

Residential and commercial window tinting

There are many benefits to installing window tinting to your home or place of work. In Perth, we experience a lot of sun; meaning we’re exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays. Not only is this dangerous to us but they can also damage your property; making colours fade on your furniture and flooring. Many of our customers also notice a decrease in the cost of their energy bills after having tinting installed.

Installing a window tint to your home can protect against these rays and also reduce the amount of heat inside your property. Alongside that, we can also install safety films; helping to hold glass together when impacted, so your family will be protected from flying shards of glass. Similarly, we can also offer security film, which helps to reduce the chances of being targeted by thieves.

Commercial window tint in Perth is becoming an increasingly popular solution as offices look to protect their staff from harmful rays and ensure a comfortable ambient working temperature. Our film can prevent up to 84% of heat from entering, helping to maintain a steady temperature throughout – meaning lower energy costs for you.

Car Window Tinting in Perth

Don’t waste your time googling on auto window tinting near me on the web search. Our car window tinting Perth team were experienced professionals able to fully fit car window tinting that enhances style and appearance. Our mobile team will even come directly to you and can install tinting onto your vehicle in hours.

Our high-quality products are able to reduce the heat and glare from the sun, blocking the harmful UV rays from harming you and your passengers. Not only does this help keep the car cooler and more comfortable to ride in but it also protects your upholstery. Our window tint also helps to hold the glass together in case of an accident, so you will be protected from flying shards of glass.

So, if you are looking for a window tinting service in Perth that are affordable and high-quality window tinting Perth, get in touch with Precision Window Tinting today. Discover the benefits of our products like safety and security window films to residential home windows and professional services of no fading, bubbling or peeling with lifetime manufacturer warranty.