A car spare is an extra tire that a driver keeps in their trunk in case of a flat. It is also known as a stepney or a spare tyre. This is an important part of any vehicle and should be maintained in good condition. It is important to understand the various features of a car spare before using it.

Spare tires were once commonplace in all cars and trucks. Nowadays, it is rare for a new vehicle to come equipped with one. This is because automobile manufacturers have realized that spare tires are used very rarely and it does not make sense to equip every new car with a full-sized tire that will not get replaced very often. This is why a lot of vehicles now come with a space-saver spare instead. This is a smaller tire than the ones on the car and it is usually mounted on a plain steel wheel as opposed to the pretty alloy wheels on the regular car tires.

This tire is only intended for temporary use and its sidewalls are designed to discourage driving over long distances on it. The tire is typically inflated to almost double the normal air pressure in order to provide traction. It is also recommended that drivers periodically check the spare tire for signs of wear and tear and change it as soon as it shows any of these symptoms.

The spare tire is usually kept in a special cradle that is secured to the back of the trunk lid or the rear of the car. It is then accessed by lifting the lid or pulling on a lever located under the car. This cradle is generally made of plastic or metal and may even be covered by a fabric for added protection from the elements. The spare tire can also be stored in the spare tire compartment in some vehicles.

Whether you should keep a spare in your automobile depends on several factors, including cost and where you live. If you live in a major city with 24-hour towing services, it may be better to skip the spare and rely on roadside assistance. Having a spare will be helpful if you do a lot of highway driving and are far from an auto repair shop.

If you do decide to keep a spare in your automobile, it is a good idea to know how to properly install it. It is also a good idea to be aware of the differences between a donut spare and a full-size tire. Both types are temporary and should be driven on only long enough to get the car to a service center or at least a safe spot off the highway where you can call for a tow. Then you can have a professional replace the spare tire with the correct match for your vehicle.