Most of the people attend sports clubs or fitness centers with the desire to be physically fit and sound. So the owners of the sports’ club need to design and embellish the space in the most functional way as most of the people choose sports club or fitness centers after determining its atmosphere and decor. Ambience of the place should be relaxing and at the same time motivating. So the design of fitness center needs to be well balanced with attractive functional finish.

Save Maintenance Charges

The stretch walls and ceilings materials used by Brilliant Wall and Ceiling Systems are fire rated, humidity resistant and maintenance free. We provide standardised solution for sports, club’s major concern; i.e. its odor. Stretch ceilings used by us do not absorb odor due to its phenomenal treatment, thus keeping the space odor free. Our stretch ceiling is the perfect material to be installed in saunas, spas and places with high humidity level in a sports’ club. The stretch ceilings installed by Brilliant Wall and Ceiling Systems do not accumulate condensate, thus keep in its original shape for years.

Outlandish Designs

Along with being maintenance free, the stretch walls and ceilings installed by Brilliant Wall and Ceiling Systems have alluring, bright and highly functional designs. The ceilings installed by us can visually expand the space without changing the existing height of the ceiling. The reflecting surfaces further glam up the space while making it all the more dynamic. You can choose from high definition digital printing ceilings and have various other endless choices as well.

Acoustics for Large and Small Spaces

Our acoustic stretch ceilings absorb sound and as well hide all the wires and other sound and communication systems. It blends perfectly with HVAC system, sprinkler systems and all types of lightning systems. It is a flexible and rigid at the same time in the sense that it is flexible enough to resist any heaviest of the blows or hits.

Contact Brilliant Wall and Ceiling Systems to create an unparalleled interior for your sports’ club, where all the aspects of decoration push towards one goal- a comfortable and energetic space for sports.

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