Vehicle technology has radically changed the way we drive and enjoy our cars. In the last 10 years, vehicles have moved from being just cars to moving entertainment and communications centers with DVD players, CD players, GPS navigational systems and many other gadgets. This off course has made cars cost way much more but has also transformed our driving experience. Other than just technology, car design has also changed in the last decade.

In the previous years, cars were made primarily by hand. Manufacturing plants would employ many skilled workers who churned out the many models that we have come to love and appreciate in the last decade. All this has changed today. Cars are no longer made by hand. Man is only involved in the process of ideas and planning but the actual assembly is achieved using high-end machinery which is mostly computer controlled. Plants such as the Nissan plant in Mississippi produces hundreds of units a day.

As we mentioned, robots are tasked with the job of assembling cars and making them ready for the show rooms. Computers do most of the technical tasks of calculations and assembly. Human input comes in only in conceptualization, marketing and planning. Because of over-reliance on machines the cars that are produced here are also very high-end and they run on not only regular gasoline, but also diesel, electricity and water. Despite this technical leap into the future of motoring, there are people who still prefer and collect antique cars which are also known as country cars.

By definition, a country car is a car that is at least 25 years old. This can be running or not. Country cars in the United States are also called antique cars. What draws people to these cars? Let us examine why people are drawn to country cars.

Country cars are purely build by hand. There is a general feeling that anything that is made by hand has more valuable. There are those who do not really care whether an antique car is running or not. These are usually collectors who just want to collect antique cars the same way people collect coins. Antique cars can be expensive and that is why people who collect them are usually the rich and the famous.

Then there are those who value the precision that comes with the country cars. This again is because they are hand-made. One can find carefully crafted interior design and seats in a country antique car. While these can also be found in regular cars, there is a certain appreciation that comes with them. Collectors usually feel robot-manufactured cars lack a personal touch.

Country cars carry one major disadvantage; their parts can be rare. Other than the cars themselves also being scarce, their parts can be an even bigger problem to secure. This is because in most cases the make and model in question has become obsolete and there are no more being produced. People who have antique country cars tend to look for the parts either online or they normally import them from overseas. Regular dealerships sometimes run specials on antique cars and their parts.

Looking for a country car need not be difficult. The Internet offers helpful tips. Places such as eBay sell antique cars that may not be available anywhere else. This is because eBay motors is now the world’s biggest car dealership. One can search in the advanced search section of EBay by make and model and even year. What makes eBay a great place to search and locate antique cars is because EBay is an auction site where people sell their items. That means that it is quite possible to locate brands that would otherwise be difficult to find in conventional dealerships.

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